MMC - Mobile Medical Corporation

In observance of the 4th of July Holiday all MMC offices will close on July 3rd at 3pm and reopen for business on July 5th.



Our proprietary database, SkillCheck™, was developed in-house to specifically manage multi-employer projects and is linked to the Internet to give employers 24-hour access to program information. SkillCheck also automates many tasks and has the capability to provide comprehensive report. SkillCheck is a Windows based software application. SkillCheck provides many functions that allow MMC to accurately record and track data. Features and functionality of the SkillCheck application include:

  • Inputting of data from an interactive interface, eliminating date entry
  • Reports instant verification of test results
  • Job/project and company tracking for detailed, comprehensive reporting
  • Job/project costing
  • Interface for employee record verification
  • Ability to capture complete test detail information
  • Ability to import or upload data
  • Sales tracking
  • Comprehensive and customizable reporting services
  • Invoicing

SkillCheck™ is also capable of running via a VPN connection from remote sites, which eliminates hand entry of results even when away from our main office.